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Long history short

There is a number of references neck wear was first worn by Persian soldiers dating back 3000 year ago, whether as part of the uniform or linking to a particular group.   

In the 17th century, during a 30-year war in France, King Louis XIII hired Croatian mercenaries who wore a neck tie as part of their uniform. The King took such a liking to this look he made these ties a mandatory accessory for Royal gatherings.  He gave this piece of clothing the name 'La Cravate' - French for necktie.  By the 1800s, touching another man’s neck wear was apparently enough grounds for a duel! 

Forward to the 1920's which is when ties dramatically changes from previous designs and is similar to what we have today.  Throughout the decades until now, the ties became wider and Skinner, taller and shorter. The solid colours have and always will be a popular choice which will not date.  Today there are many widths, cuts, fabrics and patterns of Ties available to choose from.  We have got a great range for you to keep you looking sharp every time you wear a Tie. check it out below.