The Perfect Gifts - It's the detail that make all the difference

The Perfect gifts for yourself or that special person in your life. 
Our aim is to make gift giving almost as enjoyable as receiving them.  For this reason we use premium quality gift boxes across our range of products. 
Attention to detail will make the finishing touch to any celebration or occasion feel that much more special.
We offer two types of gift boxes for our cuff links. 


Standard cufflinks we offer 

Cufflink gift box


Premium cufflinks  we offer 

premium cufflink gift box
For all our Ties we offer
 Tie gift boxe



For all our socks we offer an ancient tradition, traced back to some of the earliest known civilisations. All our gift boxes include wax seal of our company logo individually created before sending them out.  

Socks gift boxes Socks gift Boxes


At Francis Kosh our focus is to make your experience that much more special for you or the lucky person receiving the gifts from you. 

Here is the full range available!

Any questions just ask at

one pair socks gift box packTwo pairs socks gift box packThree pairs socks gift box packTie Gift Box Premium Cufflink Gift BoxCufflink gift box Cufflink gift boxes