COVID-19, social distancing, and self-isolation have had a major impact on online shopping, for both retailers and customers. Since going in-store, picking out their favorite items, and purchasing them was no longer an option, consumers had to switch predominantly to online shopping to fulfill their needs.

COVID-19 has brought all sorts of challenges, one of them, in particular, being the way retailers had to respond to the change in buying habits and last-mile delivery. Retailers have had to figure out a way to make the online shopping experience more seamless for their customers, while also incorporating new SOPs to ensure their customers.

There is no question that there has been a surge in online shopping; it was inevitable because traditional brick and mortar stores had to close their doors to customers. So, e-Commerce businesses had to put the SOPs mentioned in place and deal with the influx of orders simultaneously.

To stay competitive and cater to their customers, e-Commerce businesses have been forced into the future. Newer tech is being employed, such as avatar shopping, to make the shopping experience more comfortable and better for the customer. Avatars allow customers to get the same “try-on” experience from the comfort of their own home - which is both convenient and more effective than the previously used size-charts.

COVID-19 will affect all future online shopping experiences. This forced push into the future will prompt businesses to up their software and tech game to keep up with demands. Who knows what’s next?

We can expect to see everything from voice commands to input data to voice recognition of returning customers. It has become clear that the future of online shopping is now, and there’s no turning back!