Men often think of fashion as if it doesn’t apply to them. In reality, wearing a simple shirt and pant with no thought behind it just won’t cut it. Men’s fashion can be every bit as exciting, versatile, and demanding as women’s fashion. From clothing to men’s accessories, there are tons of options to choose from. Here are 4 iconic stylish men that show us how it’s done:

 James Bond

The mastermind behind the elegance of a bespoke tux, James Bond has been every man’s epitome of style at one point or the other. Bond showed us the power behind good dressing, the confidence it gives you, and the way other people view you. He didn’t just stir things up in fashion; he shook them to the core. 

Harvey Specter

Taking over New York City, one case at a time, Mr. Harvey Reginald Specter does it in style. His iconic well-tailored suits have made many men envious. He commands attention just by how well put together he is. In fact, Specter’s style has such an influence that he has managed to bring the pinstriped suit back into the fashion limelight.

Pharrell Williams

When we talk about unique styles, Pharrell Williams definitely comes to mind. His confidence is his favorite accessory, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t accessorize well. More than his outfit, Pharrell has upped the accessory game for men; plain suits just won’t cut it anymore! Understated is not an option when you want to dress like a modern fashion symbol.

Jay Gatsby

The roaring 20s were all about a drastic turn in fashion, partying and lifestyle. Jay Gatsby taught the men of today what a polished gentleman looks like. Pristinely tailored suits, an air of class, and accessories galore — that’s what makes a true Gatsby man. If you really want to emulate this 20s style icon, always wear a tie and pocket square, and never skip the waistcoat!

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